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The Association that Cares…

Perros en Puerto  A.C. was formed in August of 2008 by a small group of animal enthusiasts wanting to help the stray dogs of Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Being one of the first organizations of this type in the state of Oaxaca our goal is to improve the lives of dogs and public health through a combination of education and control programs, such as are already found in other states of Mexico.

PEP is a non government, non-profit organization depending on donations and funding from other sources.

Why we need PEP…

Animal abuse is prevalent throughout all the states of Mexico. Dogs kept on hot cement roofs without shade and water, left to roam the streets while foraging for food, tied up on short chains, beaten and even abandoned by their owners are a common sight. The suffering of the animals is unimaginable, ranging from injuries from car accidents, mutilation, diseases, malnutrition, abuse by people to deliberate poisoning and shooting.

The development of a society that embraces animal welfare is a slow process. PEP has made it its mission to create a community that is more compassionate towards animal needs.

There are three main areas PEP is focusing on. The most important objective is the creation of a refuge where rescued animals can find a safe home, care and food as well as human interaction.  In conjunction with this it is necessary to efficiently control the growth of the local dog population. This can be done  through providing a low cost spaying and neutering service to prevent more and more new dogs appearing on the streets. Last but not least, to ensure the success of the aforementioned objectives, a program will be established to raise the publics understanding and respect of animals and the environment through extensive education.